A garage is a room to let your dreams come to life

How to best use the space of the garage as a storage place

Storage space is never limitless - even in the largest houses. At some point your basement or attic is simply filled. Once this happens the garage is the last remaining space that can be used for storage. At first it may only be the tires and rims of your car, gardening utensiles and other large sports equipment. But often enough a garage turns into a space to store your wines, food and old memorabilia. So think of how you want to use your garage often you get the most our of its space by combining it with the right garage door - and even a garage does not have limitless space.

Beware of the weather

Another important advice: While you may store store plants in your garage, make sure that it is sufficiently isolated - in the end a garage door is not the only place of entry for the cold. Without a solid, well isolated garage your plants may not survive the winter since temperatures can fall well below 0 C° even with the best door isolation. So make sure not to store frost-sensitive materials in your garage.

Even a well built garage will not guarantee a safe climate for plants or temperature sensitive foods such as wine, potatoes or fruit. However, in combination with a well-insulated garage door a solidly built garage will give you the opportunity to use the garage as fully-fledged storage space for for most things that are close to your heart.


Shelves bring order to your household

The best way to keep your garage tidy while storing many things is a well placed shelving system. Pay attention to the material of these shelves: The garage door will open regularly even in bad weather, so the shelves should be able to withstand even harsh weather conditions. Systems made of metal are particularly stable, weather-resistant and practically maintenance free. Just make sure to fixate the sheves to the walls to avoide them from tipping over once they house heavier loads.

Icon of a shelve

All in its proper place

For some uses - like a workbench - you need to have a more customised shelving system. Custom wall mounts are available that are specifically tailored to the garage setting allowing you to store specific items in the best way possible in the place you decide. There are several different wall mounts even allowing you to hang bicycles and tyres on the wall to save as much space as possible. It is best to attach such systems to the side walls, but make sure that you can still comfortably open the doors of your car on both sides. These wall mounts should therefore be mounted with sufficient distance to the car to avoid danger to the riders and the car.

Icon of a pulley

Hanging Systems

If your garage has solid walls, you can even implement so-called ceiling lifts, which hold an elevated plattform with a pull system or brackets. These make hanging systems even more conenient to use as you can lower the equipment whenever necessary.

Again, remember to make sure that your garage is high enough to implement this system. Besides your car, taller people should be able to confidently move inside your garage without risking injury. The lowest edge of this secondary platform system should therefore be at least two meters high. In addition, you must pay attention to the maximum load capacity. Maximum loads capacities may depend on the ceiling lift and the garage ceiling itself.


There are some things that do not belong in your garage

While it may not be forbidden, we warn and advise against storing flammables such as gasoline or other hazardous materials like paint and pesticides in the garage. They should be kept away from your living quarters to avoid you breathing toxic fumes or inflammation (i.e. by car or sparks flying while operating other equipment). Suitable alternatives may be a lockable garden shed or a separate storage room. This is particularly important if there are children in the house. After all - your family's health is most important.

"Please don’t forget to take out the trash!"

While less important, the trash does also not belong in the garage. Aside from its smell it does attract bacteria and insects which then find their way easily into your home to welcome you after your quick trip to the supermarket around the corner. Your bins should be positioned outdoors, ideally under some cover.


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