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A garage door is not actually at the centre of our thoughts when it comes to safety at home. Windows, doors, fire safety seem far more important to ensure that our children are safe at home. Nevertheless, the garage door often is a point of entry or a place where valuables are stored so we should have a closer look at this supposedly simple equipment.

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Risk of injury

Whenever garage doors move, there is a danger of being hit by its moving parts or even crushed underneath. Old one-piece doors are the classic example: As everyone may rember from his childhood, the exposed opening mechnism with all its springs and rails could often lead to serious injuries. Although today's technologies are much more advanced, a garage door is still a moving part that can cause injuries. When choosing your next garage door your should therefore, make sure that regulations such as the maximum closing force according to EN 13241-1 are respected and that the door has protective mechanisms in place that prevent it from falling in the event of a technical defect. Does your garage door feature covers to protect against pinched fingers? The best manufacturers pay attention to these details when designing their garage doors,. so that neither you, your children, nor your pets are in any way endangered.


Security for you and your valuables

A garage is primarily for the safekeeping of things and objects that you would like to know to be safe and well housed. You may have a vintage car, a family-owned motorbike, valuable sports equipment or a selection of special wines. Whatever you keep in the garage, it should be - and should stay - yours. This includes not only a secure door construction to prevent thefts, but also features that ensure a good and stable climate inside the garage. The clever construction and sturdy materials of today’s best garage doors can make it very difficult for thieves to access your garage. Modern insulation technology can also be incorporated to minimise heat loss through the garage door making the panells of your next garage door the ideal protective surface. More often than not, the garage is an entrypoint to the house. We therefore advise you to pay attention to burglary protective features when selecting your garage door.

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Invest safe - invest in durability

One should be exused to think that a garage door is a simple door that just moves up and down. However, technically it is quite complex and includes many moving parts which eventually results in wear and tear. We therefore advise you to invest a little bit in the maintenance of your door from time to time to ensure its continuing smooth operation. In the end a garage door is also a financial investment whose value you want to preserve for as long as possible. Therefore, pay attention to a long warranty. Garage door manufacturers who is convinced of their products does not hesitate to offer much longer warranty than is usually the case. The right supplier will also provide you with a long-term supply of spare parts and fast on-site service.


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