In order to best help you to understand what your garage will be used for we compiled a list of ideas, solutions and best practices. We hope in the following articles you will find advice that you ca benefit from.

Ideas and solutions for the benefit of your garage.

These days garages are not only used to protect you car, bicycle or plants from a theft or harsh weather conditions. In fact, changing living habits have turned the garage into a room that can is used as another living space.

Some of the world's biggest companies have seen their beginnings inside a garage. Garages are also often used to store wine, paint boats, make music, repair cars and motorbikes or practice yoga in ... the garage! The result are changing expectations and possibilities: Bit by bit the garage is moving from a concrete box to a climatised space that is individually furnished and customised technically, functionally and estetically depending on its intended function.

Of course the topics of IoT (the internet of things) and Smart Home have reached the garage. Smart home solutions are already being built to make your garage and the equipment around it a seamless part of your day to day routine. Garage doors are no exception to this tren.


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