Industrial sectional doors and docking solutions

Our many years of experience as a manufacturer of industrial doors makes us the ideal partner for your logistics solutions. In addition to the functionality, we also take your demands on operating procedures, process chains and quality into consideration when producing your next industrial sectional door. Our industrial doors can be customised to perfectly fit any situation - whether it is for an old or a new building. Our specialist dealers are at your side with their entire know-how in consulting, planning, service and maintenance.

Normstahl industrial doors are the superior solution for use in industry and trade applications. As the door opens upwards, the space in front of the entrance, and behind, remains intact allowing every available inch to be fully utilised. In addition to our hall doors, we also provide matching loading bridges that reliably cover the gap between the building and the vehicle‘s loading area and help prevent unnecessarily long waiting times on the ramps. Door seals complete the structure and ensure that a simple door opening is transformed into the perfect interface.

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Our Normstahl industrial sectional doors for your company

Our industrial doors can be adapted to any situation - whether they are integrated in an old or new building. Due to the specialized conditions in a professional setting, we offer different types of industrial doors to best meet the needs of your business. Of course, every industrial sectional door can be equipped with various extras and modified in appearance. Thus a Normstahl Industrial Door integrates seamlessly into your company.

Solutions for special requirements

No matter what purpose your building is intended to serve, our warehouse doors will complete it from the outside, reliably and efficiently. They are highly functional and extraordinarily robust, while at the same time being attractive.

The Normstahl sectional door for use in industrial buildings opens upwards. This means that the entire door opening is kept clear during drive-through, and all of the space in front of and behind the opening is fully retained. This enables you to make logistical use of every available centimetre. Not only does this functional principle guarantee smooth operations, it also significantly reduces the risk of damage to vehicles and equipment. Our specialised Normstahl dealers near you will gladly help you in the planning of your next industrial sectional door.

Tough, durable, economical

The long life of our industrial doors gives your company another benefit: production and logistics will only be interrupted by maintenance or replacement activities on extremely rare occasions for years to come. You can count on the reliability of a Normstahl Industrial Sectional Door. Whatever the work load – it will never let you down.

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Optimise your business with Normstahl loading bridges and dock sealings

Normstahl loading systems come in various configurations specific to your business needs and prevent long waiting times at ramps. The gap between the building and the loading area on the vehicle is safely bridged by our loading bridges and further protected by our dock sealing solutions.


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