Space saver in luxury look.

Are you looking for a garage door that gives you a lot of space, but which does not need much space itself? Then the overhead sectional door is exactly what you need. Instead of swinging out like a One-Piece-Door, an overhead sectional door opens vertically upwards. The mechanism is similar to a roller door. But, for this system, the door leaf consists of multiple panels (“sections”) connected by hinges, which are positioned horizontally on top of one another and which fold up in series along the garage ceiling when opening.

Precisely the right solution for garages near the road

The space-saving sectional door also lets you park directly in front of the garage. It creates spacious drive-through dimensions and is ideal for tight spaces and garages that are built close to footpaths and roads. On the other hand, the panel construction provides an overall aesthetic impression that is hard to take your eyes off.

Our Overhead Sectional Doors offer a vast range of possibilities

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Above all, the 42 mm-thick panels with their core made of insulating foam as well as thermal separation naturally guarantee heat insulation that you will only find with a sectional door. Living areas located above or next to the garage will therefore no longer have stone-cold walls or floors. People talk about thermally redeveloped garages with the right sectional door that are all of a sudden suitable for storing wine or garden plants... But no matter what you store in your garage – energy efficiency is increasingly gaining in importance. With a Normstahl sectional door, insulation becomes a piece of cake.

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The variety of Normstahl Overhead Sectional Doors is practically limitless. You can choose your personal favourite from numerous characteristics. 3 surface options are available, 5 garage door models, from a classic sophisticated look to a sleek minimalist look, and you can even select the colour scheme! This is because, in addition to numerous standard colours with finished surfaces, you always have the option of choosing your preferred RAL colour.

It clearly depends on the type. Whether country house or townhouse, half-timbered or farmhouse, bungalow or wooden house: Your house has it`s own style - and can be highlighted by a matching overhead sectional door. At Normstahl you will find exactly the garage door that strengthens and complements you surroundings. A beautiful sight: for you and your environment.

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More than 40 standard sizes cover almost all requirements, but solutions tailor-made to the millimetre also pose no problem with Normstahl Overhead Sectional Doors – they are part of our daily production. We can therefore also provide garage sectional doors in unusual formats and in WIDE versions. With Normstahl you are guaranteed to find the right garage door for your home!


Despite the numerous small, moving parts, even for the sectional garage door we offer a 10-year full warranty – including for wearing parts and the door surface! Find more information in our warranty declaration.


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