Sectional garage doors offer many benefits…

Normstahl sectional doors don’t need space to open outwards. Panels move up-and-over across the ceiling of your garage, offering amazing space saving benefits where both internal and external space is limited.

We are convinced of the quality of our sectional doors and therefore give a 10-year full warranty - wearing parts and door surface included! View our warranty declaration for more information

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Overhead sectional doors

Especially popular: Overhead Sectional Doors open vertically upwards and so save a great deal of space. This also gives you free rein in front of the garage. The optional burglary protection has made this type of modern garage door permanently unpopular with thieves. The variety of garage door models is also impressive, however.

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Side sectional doors

The practical alternative: depending on the structural conditions, these doors create space above and allow immediate access to the garage when partially opened. Just as with the Overhead Sectional Door, the panels are exceptionally energy efficient and you can enjoy practically unlimited creativity when designing it.


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