A One-Piece Door elegantly folds upwards as if it were obeying an “Open Sesame” command. This typical swinging motion has turned this type of tilting door into a classic.

Incredibly easy to operate, extremely secure and durable. The timeless elegance of our one-piece door is perfect for giving your property a visual highlight!

One-Piece Door Benefits

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It works like a charm

A Normstahl one-piece door - also called hinged garage door - is incredibly easy to use, safe and very durable. All steel parts of our one-piece doors are galvanized and the door overlay with rivets in peat color is fixed on the door leaf frame. The organic polyester coated surface contributes to the longevity of your garage door and gives rust no chance. The steel sheet cover is available in different colors, so that you can customise this classic garage door to your garage or house architecture. The timeless elegance of our one-piece doors is ideally suited to add a visual highlight to your property!

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A genuine brand product

As a genuine brand product, a Normstahl one-piece Door sets its own standards in quality, functional perfection and sophisticated detail solutions, such as the silent door operation or the discreetly integrated pass-doors. Our one-piece Doors harmonise with almost all domestic environments. They provide a whole range of benefits for new builds and renovations – and outstanding value for money in every case. Other important aspects are the good thermal insulation and the secure two-point locking system, which a makes a tilt door from our range the perfect entrance to your garage. Incidentally, the „Open Sesame“ function mentioned above is provided by a modern Normstahl door operator, which operates the one-piece door at the push of a button. You don‘t even have to say anything!


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