Quality garage doors from the specialised producer

We focus our efforts to provide best-in-calass garage doors around four key aspects:
Versatility, functionality, securty and durability. As such we aim to give you a great range of visual customisation options while providing technology that makes the operation of our garage doors effortless and convenient. A garage door often is a point of entry to your house which is why we make sure that our garage doors are sturdy and secure. We are confident that our garage doors stand the test of time, which is why we give long warranties on our products.
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Normstahl garage doors can be individualised

We offer a broad range of modern garage doors

Your garage houses values. As part of your home, it not only fulfills the protective function but also has an aesthetic purpose. Whether country house or city villa, sectional door, one-piece door or roller door, equipped with windows or pass doors. Your house has style - and a garage door can emphasize that impressively. Our wide range of Normstahl garage doors ensures that your vehicle finds its parking space in a dignified ambience that fully meets your taste. In this sense, a garage door is something that should be carefully tailored to the appearance of your home and property.

Normstahl garage doors are functional and provide comfort

Garage doors with additional visual and functional benefits

Modern garage doors can set strong visual accents, blend in subtly with the architecture or simply fullfill their function which you you should be able to rely on. Regardless of the visual aspect, you will also have a great need for security, ease of use and a rage of convenient extras. That's why Normstahl garage doors not only offer you a wide selection of models, colors, finishes and individual design elements that will cause a stir in the neighborhood - they are also technically state-of-the-art and uncompromising in terms of safety and usability. Design, technology, workmanship - our high-quality garage doors are not only impressive. They are also from the outside stiking design elements.


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