Open up! We get sliding doors moving

Sliding doors are no light-weights. And so they shouldn’t. Ultimately, they need to form a protective wall that secures and protects your property. The wider the entrance, the greater the force required to open and close the door. But this is something you don’t have to worry about: A Normstahl sliding door operator will do this for you – quick and powerful, at the push of a button on your remote control. You will also be amazed at how silently such a solid object can be moved!

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Perfect technology with high thrust

Our drives for sliding doors are extremely tough, impress with their material quality and also look good. Workmanship and technology are designed so that our systems rarely have to be maintained, so that they are easy to operate and energy-efficient. Installation is child‘s play thanks to the high level of prefabrication. An existing door can easily be retrofitted.

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For sliding doors weighing up to two tonnes

A powerful 24V motor moves doors weighing up to two tonnes on the spot for a maximum travel distance of 30 metres. You can safely assume that our range also has the right operator for your gate. Whatever your special requirements, we offer a range of special solutions for sliding doors that you will enjoy for years to come – even if the door is in continuous operation. And, isn‘t it simply impressive how an effortless push of a button instantly pushes a steel or aluminium structure, whose mere sight demands respect, to one side?


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