Normstahl garage door operators - comfortable, reliable and secure

Normstahl garage doors are the most conveniently operated by our Magic garage door operators.

Your automatic door operator with added safety and security

A Normstahl garage door operator is not just convenient, you can also completely rely on your door opener for security. Selflocking gears prevent unauthorised opening from the outside using an automatic locking mechanism. The code for your remote transmitter is also secured by an 868MHz 128 bit AES encryption which cannot be intercepted by today’s standards and is used around the world for the encryption of highly sensitive data ensures optimal protection even when using a wireless system. And should your children be playing in the garage, you don‘t need to worry. Your electronic garage door opener with its intelligent electronics immediately initiates a door reverse if it detects even the smallest obstacle. You‘ll be happy to know that this much perfection also looks really good.

Comfort through functional design

Our Normstahl Magic operators offer premium comfort, which you can experience every day. At 210 mm/second (no load) when opening, the Normstahl Magic garage door operator is amongst the fastest on the market. Your door is opened in no time at all. Despite ist high power, the Normstahl Magic is extremely economical: with an idle current of only 2 watts in stand-by mode, compared to its predecessor, the power consumption has halved.

Useful accessories

We don’t just provide the perfect garage door operators, but also the ideal accessories for everyone’s needs. Key Switches for surface or recessed installation are often the solution if you have ever forgotten or misplaced the door opener. A remote keypad also activates your electric garage door operator without a remote control. You enter your personal code and can either drive or walk into your garage. Light barriers reliably prevent the door from closing automatically if the beam of light is broken by a person or object. The optionally available safety contact edges with integrated optosensor immediately trigger a door reversal if the sensor detects even the smallest obstruction.


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